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What to do to keep fit and healthy?


W rankingu noworocznych postanowień, zwiększenie aktywności fizycznej i dbałość o kondycję plasują się zawsze bardzo wysoko. Nie zawsze udaje się nam wytrwać w tym postanowieniu, zawsze jednak warto nauczyć się po angielsku określeń różnych form aktywności, o których zaletach można długo rozmawiać. Tym razem zachęcamy do własnych tłumaczeń, w razie trudności odsyłamy do różnych internetowych słowników.

What to do to keep fit and healthy?

What to do to keep fit and healthy?

Increase exercise time

Moving more doesn’t have to include running a marathon. Gentle exercise is also beneficial in healthier lifestyle. Being active for approximately thirty minutes a day is recommended to get the most benefits. You can go for a walk around your local area after work instead of watching tv or joining a fitness class such as yoga or dance. Thirty minutes isn’t a long time when you think about it. Don't try to make an excuse. Just start! The most difficult to do is your first step!

Eat well

Your diet should consist of tons of fruit, vegetables and whole grains and should focus on reducing saturated fats, salt and sugar. It doesn't restrict your diet, it opens up a delicious range of products to experiment with. Avoid fast food all the time. Try to cut down on eating processed food.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking is an addictive habit that can cause many health problems including more serious like cancer. Quitting is one of the best things you can do for your health benefits. The path to give up won’t be easy. Alcohol is another bad habit. Try to drink less and it can have effects on your physical health and well-being.

Keep out of the sun

When the sun comes out, you can’t wait to sit in the garden and start tanning your skin in the sunshine, but in the long-term, this could be bad for your health. Although we need the sun for essential vitamin D, this doesn’t mean you need to lay out all day long. Between 10 am and 3 pm it is advised to stay out of direct sunlight when it is the strongest. The harmful rays can damage the skin and lead to cancer. Using high factor sunscreen is the best option if you want to enjoy the outdoors. Sunglasses are also important for protecting your eyes. Don't forget about them!

Cope with stress

Stress can have really bad effects on the body and mind, so try to develope coping strategies which can help to see all your problems from different perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask for help your family or friends, professional help is also available if you need some support.

Meet your friends, go for a walk, phone and talk to other people as much as you can, go to church or pray, but do not pretend to be a superhero. Cope with stress in everyday life, not only at the weekend-it is not enough. If you don't like going out, buy a dog-it is a great motivation to spend your free time outdoor, in spite of bad weather!

Sit in your favourite armchair, take a cup of good tea or coffee, read the book, not only glossy magazines. Relax in silence. Maybe shopping mall is a nice place to go, maybe not this time...

to be continued