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Top 11 benefits of trekking and active holidays

Tym razem wszystko o górach. Dla jednych, góry stanowią piękny element krajobrazu, często widzianego w oknach swojego domu. Dla innych, góry to miejsce, gdzie spędzamy wolne weekendy, szukamy dystansu i relaksu w zabieganych świecie.

11 korzyści z aktywnego spędzania czasu w górach.

Top 11 benefits of trekking and active holidays

Experience the rich flora and fauna

You can admire an unusual species of birds, diverse wildlife, beautiful plants along with trees.

Cure for your heart and lungs

You can get clean, fresh air. The more fresh air you breathe, the better your lungs work; the more blood the heart pumps, the healthier it gets. It also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

Improved fitness and weight loss

Trekking involves walking up and down. The uphill walks can bring the heart close to the target heart rate; the downhill walks gives time to recover. Better than going to the gym? Sure-if you walk for about 4-6 hours regularly.

Mental benefits

Mountains can provide a level of serenity that is rarely available in the hustle and bustle of a city. The scenic views,the picturesque views, the snow-covered mountains, the beautiful starry nights all help in calming and soothing the mind. The breathing of fresh air, admiring at the breathtaking nature, makes our bodies release endorphins a happy hormone that reduces the stress levels and makes us happy.

Longer life

Research has shown that just hiking for 8 kilometers quite slowly is sufficient to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks for above 30%. 8 kilometers is about 10,000 steps. You can monitor this in one of the several modern smart gadgets. It may also reduce that risk of cancer.

Strong bones

The flexibility of the leg muscles increase with the up and down walks. Trekkers have well-toned leg muscles, which not only look good but also makes the ankles more stable. Hiking with a heavy backpack can help in the your bone density.

Improve your balance

Hiking on the hills is an excellent way to improve your balance. The irregular surface helps the small muscles that stabilize your ankles to get stronger and starts reacting faster when you lose balance.

Increase focus and productivity

It has been proven that ten minutes of movement can increase productivity and mental focus. It is good to go out and walk during the lunch break. You will benefit from some of the best ideas that come when hiking on the top far away from your work desk.

Experience local cultures and local food

Trekking involves going through some remote villages. You can stay with locals and taste their local food, learn about their culture.

Disconnect from technology

You will be away from your laptops, perhaps even mobile phone networks, television, and many other gadgets . The freedom from these gadgets can re-teach you to appreciate and reconnect with nature. Trekking in nature is a great way to reconnect with yourself, self-discovery and reflection.

Make new friends

Adults with more extensive social circles have lower blood pressure and live longer.

Being with a group of like-minded people with common goals is a great way to keep your emotional well-being.