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6 things that may be different this Christmas

Zbliżamy się do Świąt Bożego Narodzenia... Z pewnością będą inne od poprzednich, świat w dobie pandemii się zmienił, a wraz z nim nasze coroczne rytuały, tradycje. Na gorsze? Czas pokaże, z pewnością inne...

6 things that may be different this Christmas

6 things that may be different this Christmas

Meeting at Christmas

Most families want to meet up at Christams, not via Skype or Zoom, but in real life. Is it safe? Some experts say that we sholud meet maximum four people from our extended family. Other advice:travel by car, not public transport; take only small gatherings; do not see anyone apart from these 4 people over the Christmas period.

Less food

We usually prepare much more food than we really need. This year less is more. Why? Less guests around the table, less money because of the crisis, more people consider a vegetarian or vegan meal instead. We will be slimmer just after Christmas! If you hate New Year's Resolutions, forget about the diet!

Work Christmas Parties on Zoom

This year's work celebrations seem to take place on Zoom and other online platforms. Rules on big groups meeting up in pubs or anywhere outdoors are very unlikely to be changed in December, so seeing friends for a pre-Christmas drink or meal will probably not be allowed.

Midnight Mass at home

It is not known what will happen about traditional Christmas religious services like Midnight Mass. In most countries, places of worship are closed for group prayer, apart from funerals. Is it sad? Most of us can't imagine Christmas without Midnight Mass. Can we pray at home? During Christmas walk ? It's time to try...

Online shopping or long queues

This year you mustn't forget about the rule: buy as early as possible. Although some shopping malls are going to be opened, long queues and many customers are likely to be there, mostly at the same time, in the evenings, at the weekends. If you are not patient enough, do online shopping (check delivery time before) or choose another suitable time for you to do it- early in the morning before your work or just before the closure.

A quiet New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is likely to be a quiet affair this year, with house parties among maximum 5 people. Fireworks have been cancelled in most cities. Hotels and restaurants do not offer annually parties. What instead? A pyjama party? Sometimes we have to realise that people not place are more important to spend time with. If you have any pets at home, you won't be stressed at midnight...most dogs and cats are not big fans of loud fireworks displays.